Thursday 17 February 2011

The Big Lift

The day has finally come for some serious lifting to be done.  Armed with a proper bit of kit and a plan we set too. 

Andrew once again with is all terrain fork lift

First in was the generator.  This was the one I acquired last year. Its a Vetus GHS8 8 KVa or 6.5Kw.

Surprisingly bigger when in place

Next in was the big one, the engine.

If you look closely you can see the mounts I made yesterday

Gently does it

Easing it in

Vetus DT44 114hp
 In safely, ready for final positioning

My mounting size calculations were spot on :-)

Then it was time to put the batteries in.

The forklift delivered them to the rear deck

It was then simply a job of manually lifting them in to the battery box.  You will see 2 M10 ring eyes screwed into the terminal threads.  Obviously a non conductive strap was used.

6 x 2v cells 1000Ah
And now the you can see why the rollers were necessary.

Out.For service

In. And under the storage lockers secure against the bulkhead

Ignore the watermark.  The true date is 17/2/11


  1. That is brilliant, well done on those measurements you must be smiling tonight. :)

  2. Yes I am pleased, and I still have adjustment if I need it.

    The centerline of the prop shaft is only 125mm from the base plate so its needs to get as low as possible. The angle I have now over the distance should give me this.

  3. Nice work Kev. I see how your engine compartment got a whole lot smaller quickly! ;-) Boy that generator is in their tight! Careful planning seems to be critical in planning a small engine compartment. I better get working on that!

    Carry on....


  4. Rick. If you zoom up you will see I had to remove a drainage channel to get it in. Its going to get a lot tighter when that goes back in. I'll be showing that when the time comes, but yes it is tight only due to me wanting additional isolation mounts.

  5. Kev

    Are you going to sound insulate the hatch covers? I did this on my express cruiser and it made a big difference.

    I think the fitout of the main equipments is the most exciting part of a boat build. Watching intently.


  6. I will try it without and see how it goes. A big engine like this should not be working that hard anyway.