Wednesday 16 February 2011

The Excitement Is Mounting

Today has been about prepping for the big lift.  That is the generator, main engine and domestic batteries.

All of the above need mountings made.  First off I had to modify the generator.  I have decided to mount it on additional isolation mounts to reduce cabin noise and vibration.  The genny comes ready to mount to a flat surface and already has engine mounts.  Its just me with my over engineering hat on.

I first removed the original mounting flange.

Then I welded on the pre drilled replacement mounting flange and isolation mounts.

Next it was time to make the main engine support mounts.  The main engine needs to be angled slightly downwards to enable the drive shaft out at the designed height.  Its only about 5º.  I mocked this up on the packing crate the engine came on.  The flexible engine mounts would take up the angle but its better to have them mount perpendicular to the hold down bolts.  This required a sliding bevel to take the angle then transfer it to the mounts.  

The front mounts are 50mm taller then the rear to angle the engine.
The angle can be seem here as well

Last on the list was the battery box mounts.  The battery box needs to move with the batteries in to service the batteries.  I have mounted this on 500kg appliance rollers.

Out so batteries can be lifted out

In for normal operation

The battery box was made a couple months ago during a lull in works.  Its made of ply and has be been covered in GRP with a flo-coat finish.  The batteries will just fit in the box with about 15mm all round to spare.


  1. Is it just my eyes or is the battery box under the deck support?

    Which would make it tight to get the batteries out.

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Well spotted Bill. See tonights blog. All will be reviled.

  3. I read it before coming back here for your answer, the way you said fits snugly I ASSUMED one battery went side to side. LOL

    Oh well it's not the first time. :))