Tuesday 15 February 2011

Starting To Load The Engine Bay

Yesterday I painted the top coat for the engine bay,  

With that nice and dry this afternoon I started to load the engine room with the equipment.  The various brackets I made and fitted can now be seen.

First to go in was the Mikuni C/H heater and associated exhaust fuel and wiring lines.

 This is the fuel delivery pump and the electronic fuel shut off

Next in was the toilet tank, engine battery and under the exhaust pipe is the self pump out pump.

Followed by the latter end of the exhaust system, 

Finally after fitting all the tank connectors the calorifier was put in place.

I have secured the toilet tank and the calorifier with 25mm ratchet straps and the battery box will be secured the same way.


  1. Not cruising in the UK ice age then?

  2. Get some fuel in the tank and you can run that heater and keep warmer.

    Bill Kelleher

  3. Don worry guys, being cold is something I am not keen on at all. As a secondary form of heat I will have a Villager gas fire in the saloon as well.