Friday 18 February 2011

Kitchen Delivered

The lorry turned up today with the kitchen.  The company I chose is Frinton Kitchen & Bathrooms.  The designer and owner Graham was very interested in helping with this unusual project and its design oddities. 

More on this when I fit it.

The rest of today I have spent just tiding up.  The area around the boat has become very cluttered with stuff which is mostly junk and general detritus.  Also the engine was stored in the back garden and around this a lot of leaves and general garden stuff had accumulated.  It looks a lot better now.

As well as building the boat I have also done the steel work for a small extension we are having on the front of our house.

These photos are from a while back, and the project has moved on a bit, but because we have been waiting for a hand made solid oak front door to match the one in the picture works have come to a halt.  So while in tidying mode I set about tidying up after the builders too.  

I don't like tidying but I like when its done.  So not a very interesting day, or blog for that matter. 


  1. Hey Kev. Any progress on the galley cabinets?

  2. I see that now, too busy pulling your wires! Just a joke! ;-)

    4 weeks or so to go here before I can get started. Getting anxious. ;-)