Thursday 10 February 2011

Still Down The Engine 'ole.

Having planed where its all going to go, today I've made and fitted all the necessary brackets, supports and braces.  Next job will be painting the engine 'ole.

I have ordered some 1200lb appliance castor's for the domestic battery box.  To service the batteries will necessitate them rolling back about 250mm to lift them out.  Remember the batteries weigh in at 325kg!

Also ordered are the isolating mounts for the generator.  This is going to be tricky as the generator is 565mm high the mounts are 35mm and it has to fit under a 600mm.  Seems as with all things with boat building related another modification is coming up.  The generator does have isolation (engine) mounts already but the supplier has calculated their mounts will remove 96% of the vibration.

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