Monday 31 May 2010

Been Out Playing With The Skinny Boat

Having some R&R on the skinny boat that has water under it.


  1. Hi Kevin

    Been following your blog. Very interesting as I'm an engineer type myself.
    I've just took delivery of a widebeam sailaway and it's moored at Ely. (loadsamoney)
    My first mate is a welsh terrier too!

    Keep up the good work.

    Andrew Jeffery

  2. Hello Andrew

    We have to pass over Ely bridge when we go to the skinny boat.

    Are you working on it in Cathedral Marina? AS you say loadsamoney.

    Ours are Airedales. As you can imagine 2 of them on a NB is sometimes a squeeze.

    Hope you are going to do a blog.


  3. Hi Kev

    I take it the skinny boat is moored on the middle levels then?

    Yep, we are bankside at Ely Marina. Lots of dosh but what a brilliant location! We work in Haverhill and spend lots of time in Cambridge so it's a pretty good spot.

    The marina are ok about working on boats too. They don't care what you do as long aas you clear up after.

    Our welshie is often called a puppy or miniture airedale!

    What is the length and beam of your shell?

    What is your engine plans?


    P.S Yes a blog will go up soon.

  4. The skinny boat is at Bill Fen Marina.

    We looked at Ely a long time ago but as great as the location is we decided it was a bit on the rich side for our needs.

    I hope you have been told if you have no engine you qualify for a reduced rate of EA rip off.

    As for engine. I have nothing set in stone ATM I am researching this. Seriously considering hydraulic drive. Just getting a figure now for consideration.

    The fat boat is 60 x 12 the skinny boat is 60 x 6'10''


  5. Hello Mate

    Yes I am aware of the saving as I was told by our local river inspector.

    Our boat is 70x12 so we come under EA's maximum tariff No39 which is £811.

    However EA wiil give me a year on tariff 12 as I'm a sailaway which is £57 per year.

    It has an engine a Beta 90 which is brill although a bit quick through the water on tickover.

    Kettle's always on if we are onboard.