Wednesday 12 May 2010

Finally Got Something To Blog

I have been busy on the boat, honest!  but its all been boring but essential stuff like griding and more grinding and yet more grinding, even managing to grind a lump out of my leg requiring a A&E visit for some stitches :-(

The grinding was then followed by some sanding then some more....... you get the picture.

Anyway today I was able to paint the roof.  I started with a quick rub over with some wire wool to loosen the powder rust that had formed overnight, then a spirit wipe, then a coat of vactan type coating.  I say "type" as my paint supplier have their own version but vactan is the "Sellotape" or "Hover" of the product.

 Goes on white turns green the goes black when dry

Dry and re-coatable in about 2 hours

A few hours later I had 2 coats (10L) of zinc phosphate on

While I was painting the roof, my order of blacking came.  That was mid afternoon so it was on with the rubber gloves and down to coating the internal base.  1 x 5L tin was enough to put on a thick coat to half the base.  I have chosen gloss finish just because I like shiny over matt thats all.  BTW it is rather smelly!

Blogger has again distorted the image

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