Tuesday 25 May 2010

Work On The Back End

After a couple of days of prepping the starboard side I was able to coat it with acid etch.  That done I set to on the back end.

The first job was to shape up the back end. I had deliberately left these long. There will be a gas box either side so it has been cut to allow for the installation of these.  I have cut the sheet for these and they are off to the press shop tomorrow.  They will be rolled to follow the size of the bottle.  I tried to do this myself but I was unable with the tools I have. It need some heavier kit. Both cutting the sheet for the gas lockers and shaping the rear was done with the plasma cutter.  I am getting pretty good with it now.

Next I cut the hole that will be the rear hatch.  I have cut it wider than the original door hole as I am not following their door installation method.

Tomorrows job is to thicken the edges as I did on the front.


  1. Just gone back over the last couple of weeks and cor what progress, well done, I can see this won't be your last boat, hope you are keeping a log of costs.
    We might be ready for your number 2.

  2. Hi Mo.

    Thanks. I am trying to keep progress up with out upsetting the neighbors too much. Everything ATM seems to involve a lot of noise so I start late finish early and not every day. That said I think they probably mind less than I think they do. Still I hope I am considerate.

    I am keeping a log of the costs. I will PM you with the tally so far.