Tuesday 18 May 2010

Cut Out The Window Holes

Yesterday afternoon I started cutting the holes for the windows to the port side.  I finished today.  I had to wait to get some more tips for the plasma cutter.  I got them early this afternoon so it was full steam ahead again.

This is the wooden template I made.  The nozzel of the plasma cutter makes up the additional 15mm all round that is needed for the finished size.  It simply a case of keeping it square to the template.  I have found the plasma cutter cuts cleaner when it is moved faster.  The temptation is to go slowly as if welding.  My machine will cut about 1/2 inch a second.  I am getting better at it.

Shiny window frame

The front of the boat curves in and up.  Initially I set the window square as it seemed to be the right thing to do.  However once the window was in it looked wrong, so I had to weld a bit in the bottom and grind out the top.  Only about 10mm at the front so it is now in slightly colckwise.  Now it looks right.

I managed to angle grind my knee again today.  Not enough to require a visit to A&E this time though. 

Top left is the one that needed stitches 2 weeks ago, the others are fresh this afternoon.


  1. that knee looks infected

  2. Only a bit maybe. I am keeping a keen eye on it.

  3. ouch! Knee pads next time you do grinding!!!