Tuesday 4 May 2010

Generator Running

I have now got the generator engine to run.  Its a 2 cylinder Mitsubishi diesel of about 10hp.  The problem I had was the control panel had been unwired to aid removal but no note of where they went was kept.  This was not a problem as I was sure the Vetus data sheet would cover this.  Indeed it did, however it was in every European language except English!

The back of the control panel

 12 wires needing a home

The problem was eventually solved by Ian Bagnall at Vetus UK head office.  He very kindly tracked down the right information and emailed it to me in under a day.  Many thanks Ian.

Having rewired the panel, fixing up a temporary fuel supply and return, connecting a battery, and shoving a hose up the water intake tube, a few bouts of cranking and the engine fired into life.

Now all I am waiting for is a chap to come and look at the alternator end.  Hopefully this will be next week.  I already have a price for a complete new unit so I know the worst case cost.

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