Wednesday 19 May 2010

Safety First Then Some Primer (Oh! and our 20th Anniversary)

Following my recent attempts to lose weight by angle grinding bits of my knee away, I have been nagged by SWIMBO to wear protection.  Of course I have it all, a small selection is featured below, but we all know it's not the manly thing to do.  (Manly read sensible).

I can't move, see, breath. or hear but I am protected.  Perhaps that's how it works.  SWIMBO is happy.

Later some primer has been applied

This was after another 4 hours of preparation involving  grinding down more welds and shaping up the the front 8' of gunwale seam.  Then a coat of vactan after a final DA"ing".


  1. Hahahahaha! Vic is still rolling around on the floor laughing!

    Hey happy anniversery to you both! Blimey how on earth did Debs manage so long!!! Teehee xx

  2. Hey wait a minute! SWIMBO has missed the footwear!... he is still laughing btw! :-D