Monday 17 January 2011

Bathroom Wiring

Today I connected all the wiring for the bathroom.  The Whale draws 5 amps and I could have run this straight through the pull switch, but this would be near the limit of 6 amps on a pull switch designed for 240v AC so decided to relay the power.  The relay is just above the pump.  I did consider having the pump operated by a flow switch but decided to work on the principle of keep it simple.

The ceiling fan is 12v AC for safety in the bathroom.  This is supplied by the transformer from a 240v supply and is housed in the what box to the left.  As I want this to turn on with the lights and it is designed for 240v switching it was necessary to put a relay in the box which is energised when the lights are switched on.  The extractor is on a timer so a flick of the switch in the day time will make it run for 15 minutes.  I might put a night override in if it proves to be annoying during night visits to the loo.
The 12v relay

I have left enough cable slack to enable servicing to all parts.  This is what it looks like with the cabinets in position.

I also fitted and wired the ceiling lights and drilled the cabinet which will take the sink for the plumbing.

 Its taking shape

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