Sunday 23 January 2011

Flushed With Sucsess

As usual there were problems to overcome when it came to connecting up the toilet.  The plastic fitting from the toilet to the outlet pipe was too long to fit in the cavity of the lounge/bathroom wall.  This is how it is as standard.

50mm to long

It needed to turn 90º immediately it leaves the rubber fitting from the toilet.  So I got a 1¼" waste elbow which the outside diameter was fine for the rubber fitting, but to narrow on the internal diameter to accept the toilet fitting.  This needed to be stretched which meant heating and softening the elbow to allow me to force in the toilet fitting.  Solution was to heat up some cooking oil and lower it in for a few seconds.

I forced in the toilet fitting and immediately cooled it with cold water.  The result was a perfect fit.  After a through clean up I solvent welded the toilet fitting into the elbow and to beef up the other end I put a shot length of waste pipe into the elbow to give more to clamp on with the jubilee clip.

If you look closely you can see where stretch ends

Modification done it was time to fit it all together.

To get it all inside the cavity I even had to cut a space for the jubilee clip screw to sit inside the plywood of the bathroom wall. It's that tight!  The white behind it is the back of a tile.

Plumbing and electrics all connected it was time to test......................... Nothing!  I checked all the connections all seemed OK so toilet out again and opened the electrical box and found the multi plug had simply become detached from the circuit board.  I put it all back together and refitted the toilet and...................

It works

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