Monday 24 January 2011

Shower Installation

I finished installing the shower today.  First I fitted the mixer bar. The fixing kit supplied with most bar mixers are rubbish and making a nice job of fitting one can be a pain in the butt.  Looking for a better way I came across this.  Mira Fixing Kit  It makes it easy to fit the bar mixer both at the 150mm centers and level as its set up so that the chrome parts turn eccentrically.

This is with maximum offset

Set level and at 150mm centers

The kit is expensive and I did do it OK when I did the motorhome shower room but I would whole heartedly recommend one.  Screwfix do it for £19.95 so a lot cheaper than direct from Mira.

With that done all that was left to do was fit the riser and the shower doors.

A quick wet test showed no leaks.

And so with a shower tray full of water it was time to test the Whale Gulper 220 and plumbing.


The plumbing was all sound and the Whale is surprisingly quiet.  I can see why its called a Gulper now though.


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