Wednesday 26 January 2011

A Cover Up

It has become apparent that I am not going to get my engine bay dry with the temporary decking I have so drastic measures were required.  

This morning was totally windless so today was the day.

I have self draining decks but as reported in the past they don't drain due to surface tension and as the boards get wetter its getting worse.  So..........

Wood frame built a week or so ago

Once I trimed the wood up I put the cover on.  This cover was so heavy I could barely lift it.  It took me just under 2 hours to wrestle it into place.

After this I pumped out the engine bay and dried it up.  All being well in the morning I will be able to start painting it AGAIN!

I have so much to do in this area I just can't wait for spring or rely on it staying dry enough long enough to make progress.

First thing to do is sort out the leak in the port fuel tank.  Makes me wonder how the hell the builder of the lower hull thought they could get away with this. Either they never tested the tank, or did and chose to ignore it.  Either way its going to be a sod to sort out.


  1. How's it going Kev? Haven't heard from you in awhile!

    We're burried under a few feet of snow right now. Only 6 weeks till spring though! ;-)

    Carry on....


  2. Hello Rick

    I drove down to the French Alps last week for some well needed skiing.

    I am very pleased with the cover, its held up to some pretty strong winds while I have been away.

    Hopefully we've had all our snow now. Its unseasonably warm now which if it holds will be great to get the engine bay painted without condensation problems.