Friday 7 January 2011

More Plumbing

I decided to have a secondary method to heat the boat just in case the diesel heater plays up for some reason as they have a habit of doing, although with the increasing amount white diesel becoming available on the waterways this should be less of a problem.  Also it will provide a focus and could be used just to "take the edge off" without firing up the full CH and its quick start and stop. I also wanted to  use a different fuel so that ruled out a diesel stove.  I considered a multi-fuel stove but to be honest I can't be doing with all the phaff and mess so decided to fit a gas stove in a multi-fuel style instead.  I will be carrying gas anyway so seemed the logical choice.  I'd rather carry a bottle of gas than wood or coal to the boat.

All the charm of a wood fire without the phaff

I have laid a 15mm gas supply for this and also left a spur for the cooker.  Once again my trusty pressure test gage was put to the test.  Glad to say the soldered joins and pipe are happily holding 2 bar for over a day now.

The fire will supposedly run at full setting for 40 hours on a 13kg LPG bottle with an output of 3.9kw.

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